Archaeological Finds

On occasion we unearth more than vegetables when we plow the field, but these items were all found deep in the herb garden. The large picture is of a reasonably heavy pulley, but the other two are my main fascination. A cobbler’s last and lasting stand. The lasting stand was… Continue reading


One of my favourite tasks on the farm is candling and sorting the eggs. When I hold the bright light up against the eggs they glow like old fashioned Christmas lights. With the green eggs I can see the yellow of the yolk through the shell, on others it shows… Continue reading

Frost Warning

We’re expecting a heavy frost tonight. Rather than wait until late morning for the crops to thaw out, we began harvesting this evening. The fancy light system is a Coleman propane lantern on an upside down 5 gallon bucket – it throws light a lot further than you might imagine…. Continue reading

The Rainmaker

Every time I set foot outside today, it rains. Well, perhaps that is an exaggeration – it did hail once and there was that thunderstorm. It is sunny again now (and thundering), but the drill needs recharging. Not the seed drill, though I can see why you might think that. This particular… Continue reading

Finished Greenhouse

The greenhouse has been just about finished for a while now and is already home to some lovely cabbage and onion seedlings. There are a few more things to do – install more shelving, paint the inside walls, fix the spot where the rain comes in if the wind is… Continue reading

Soil Test Results

My inner nerd loves to pore over the soil test results. Most farms do not test every year, but we like to keep a very close eye on things. Yearly soil tests mean we never guess at how much lime to apply or exactly which nutrients are needed. Our fertilizer… Continue reading