Aren’t chives pretty? I love these herbs and I know the bees are going to miss their flowers. The flowers are edible, though strong, so I suggest dividing them rather than eating them whole. The flower stems are tough and not worth eating. Of course you could just use the blooms as cut flowers.

How to Store

The easiest way to keep chives fresh is to put the cut ends into a jar/vase with about an inch of water – just snip what you need from the cut end and pop them back in the vase when you are done.

For longer term storage you can pop a plastic bag over the top of the jar/vase and keep it in the fridge.

Too many to eat this week?

Cut chives can be frozen in melted butter, olive oil or water. Use an ice cube tray to freeze individual portions. Once they are frozen you can pop them out of the tray and transfer to a bag or jar to free up your ice cube tray.

Chive flowers in a bottle of white wine vinegar makes the most beautiful bright pink vinegar – the smell will knock your socks off, but the flavour is lovely and mild. (thanks for the tip, Catharin)


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