2014-06-05 19.56.33Inchelium Red is a wonderful soft neck garlic that was discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in northern Washington, but not by us. We discovered it several years ago and were instantly hooked. The flavour is full but not harsh and it is very juicy. These garlic heads have been cured for one week and are great for eating now. I cannot promise how well they will store – as always fresh eating is our goal – but I have been told they have held up well in previous years. Last year I tried lacto-fermenting some – they kept really well and were convenient to use since all the de-skinning is done in the beginning. It is a simple process – take the wrapper off the garlic cloves, place them in a clean jar, fill jar with a brine made using 1 Tablespoon of sea salt to a pint of water (we have a well with wonderful water, if yours is chlorinated use filtered water). I doubt you will need all the brine – even I can manage to get a suitable sized jar for garlic.


Two things I haven’t tried before – the first is embedding a video, the second is peeling garlic this way. I’m told it works, it looks rather fun and the worst that could happen is that I still have to peel the garlic afterwards (or have to pick it up from the floor).

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