With so much confusion about food labelling, unpronounceable ingredients and additives, voluntary recalls, and changing dietary guidelines, one thing remains constant – the best way to know what you are eating is to know your farmer. At Karl’s Farm, we have two farmers – Karl and Paula – we are the people working in the field and the people delivering your vegetables. Paula also writes the webpage and newsletters.

I, Paula, grew up weeding my parents’ vegetable gardens in England and eating the fresh vegetables that were a part of every meal (except breakfast). Moving to America in my early 20’s I was very disappointed with the vegetable selections in the restaurants and grocery stores around my new home. I had very little space but grew tomatoes and peppers in pots on the patio. Then I met Karl – he was growing sweet corn in his parents’ back garden against their wishes. A few years later we had a garden of our own.

In 2002 we bought an old, overgrown farm. We wanted to get our growing boys out into the county and grow our own vegetables. When we noticed how many friends turned up at harvest time we decided to turn our love of gardening and fresh vegetables into a business. Work inside the fixer-upper farmhouse fell by the wayside as we cleared the brush-covered field and amended it with compost. Our first CSA shares were distributed in 2004 and Karl’s Farm became a reality.

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