About You

We understand that community supported agriculture isn’t for everyone. Hopefully if you have got this far you are one of the people who is a good fit for both community supported agriculture as a whole and our farm in particular.

  1. You love vegetables, or want to love them, or at least recognise their value in a your diet. You may be able to name every vegetable in the super market, cooking show or farmers’ market stand, or you might be a little unsure about the difference between turnips and rutabagas. One thing is for sure, if you never plan on eating another vegetable, a CSA is not for you.
  2. You can cook, or like to cook, or are learning to cook, or want to learn. You may be a gourmet cook or you may feel like you could burn water, but to get the most out of our CSA you will need to prepare food. Luckily most vegetables can be eaten raw, so the prep doesn’t have to be complicated and we offer suggestions and recipes in our weekly newsletters.
  3. You eat home-made meals, or you want to eat homemade meals, or you want to feed other people homemade meals. Even if it is only a couple of times a week.

Really those are the main requirements – prepare vegetables, eat vegetables, enjoy vegetables.



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