The Very Best Ways You Can Support Karl’s Farm

1. Join our CSA! When you join a Community Supported Agriculture program such as ours, the money you spend on food goes directly to supporting our farm. There are no middle men taking a cut. 2. Recruit a new CSA supporter. Word of mouth is the most effective advertising for… Continue reading

Did you know they could do that?

They being turkeys and that being flying! I will admit I had no idea. We have chickens and although they can “fly” they can’t really FLY. Our hens can run fast and that is their first thought when panicked. If they run fast enough and far enough they lift their… Continue reading

Owl and the Pussycat

Our rooster “Owl” or “Owlie” looked so good in the sunshine today that I had to take a picture, I called him hoping he would turn and pose like he usually does but instead this happened and I will be quoting Edward Lear for the rest of the day. Continue reading