Spring-Summer Shares

Our Spring-Summer Shares are so-called because they begin in the spring and end in the summer. They could just as easily be thought of as our main season and if you call it that we will understand what you mean.

Each week our supporters receive a pre-packed box of the best vegetables we have available for harvest. The array changes from week to week and we provide a diverse selection ranging from old favourites to oddities. The thing the vegetables all have in common is that they were grown here on our farm, by us, without any pesticides, and the varieties were chosen for their flavour and texture rather than storage or uniformity.

We offer Full Shares and Half Shares.

Our Full shares feed a busy family of 2-4 people, or 1-2 dedicated vegetable eaters, vegetarians, or vegans. Some vegetable loving families chose to have 2 full shares.

Our half shares feed 1-2 busy adults.

Our 2020 spring-summer season begins on 19 May and runs to 29 September, a span of 20 weeks with a harvest each week.

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