Outdoors is Really Scary!

Today was the first day outside for this year’s chicks. With great excitement opened the chicken house door and… well nothing. I was ready with camera in hand (a rarity for me) but these were no divas.

They seem to have noticed the open door…

…but they do not trust it.

I’ve seen enough.

One brave girl makes the leap.

The rush starts.


That’s enough, time to go back in.

I think about half of the girls ended up having a quick look outside. A little grass was eaten, a little dirt was scratched, but overall they didn’t seem too impressed.
I went looking for something else to photograph and came across these lovely ladies:

Two Fat Hens!

An Easter Egger and a Speckled Sussex.

This is the speckliest Speckled Sussex we have ever owned. The photo looks out of focus, but I think it is just her feather pattern. Their bright red combs show they are in lay and sure enough – among today’s eggs was one green egg and one pinkish egg.
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