RIP Borat aka The Big B. 2007 – 2010

It’s a sad day on the farm today. Our big rooster was killed last night. We don’t know why he didn’t go into the chicken house like usual and we don’t know what killed him. From the feather trail we can tell he put up a good fight. I wish the cows could talk, they seem to know what happened. I don’t know how much they understand but they are quite subdued today and even Miss Velvet the noisy was quiet when we found poor Borat’s body.
Borat and I did not get along and I tried to avoid him. This means I have no photographs of him, but he was a magnificent rooster. Black and white with a slightly yellowish sheen to his feathers. A huge comb and wattle – always the brightest red. And a big arched tail.
His flock will miss him.

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