7 Things to Know About the EPA’s New Pesticide Rules

I just read an article entitled “6 Things to Know About the EPA’s New Pesticide Rules” and it was informative, but it missed out one thing I think you all should know about the new pesticide rules.

The first six were:

1. The New Rules Will Protect Young People.
2. Farms Must Provide More Training and Information.
3. Farms Have to Provide More and Better Gear.
4. Whistleblowers Will Be Protected.
5. Farmworker Advocates are Applauding the Change.
6. Despite the Change, There are Still Critics on Both Sides.

The 7th is:

7. We don’t use any pesticides so young people are already safe (from toxins) on our farm (farms are always dangerous places – lots of sharp tools and tractors etc), the only training we need is to identify the good bugs from bad (don’t squish the ladybug larvae), and if you blow a whistle near me you will need protecting.

Here is a member of our pest control team:

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