Did you know they could do that?

They being turkeys and that being flying! I will admit I had no idea. We have chickens and although they can “fly” they can’t really FLY. Our hens can run fast and that is their first thought when panicked. If they run fast enough and far enough they lift their… Continue reading

Sharp-shinned Hawk

I haven’t seen the Bluebirds or Juncos for a few days and now I think I know why. Identification of the bird-eating hawks is difficult but the brown feathering and yellow eye are clear signs this is a juvenile. The straight tail tip indicates a Sharp-shinned Hawk rather than a… Continue reading


This is the first year we have had bluebirds as year-round residents. Eastern Bluebirds are very helpful on the farm as they are predominantly bug eaters, but they do also eat fruits. We do not set out bird feeders, but we deliberately plant and cultivate fruiting trees and plants. The… Continue reading

Wild Turkey

Heard a loud rustling in the woods and was surprised to find this chap. We often see groups of wild turkeys, but I have never seen one this large before. He must have been about 3 feet tall. Continue reading