How Time Flies!

Dscn0048-001The little boy in this picture, so eagerly helping build the compost heaps on a beautiful sunny day in January turns 21 tomorrow! You may recognize him (probably not, but try imagining that sweet little boy with a mohawk) as your delivery boy for many years. He delivered with me from 2006 until 2012 when he graduated high school, entered college full-time and took on a full-time job off the farm.

He always loved making the deliveries, meeting you all, taking photo’s of all the exotic cars. He was always so proud when you remembered his name or said something nice about the vegetables. Even at that tender age he would make sure he knew everything that went into each basket just in case you asked him.karlJr

This fall he will be attending Salisbury University. We are so proud of him (as well as his brothers of course).

Happy 21st Birthday, Karl Jr.!

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