Visiting the RoboBees

I spent yesterday evening with a wonderful group of people discussing, in great detail, the animals that like to eat our vegetables. It’s a discussion we have at home quite often, but my companions last evening were not farmers. They were not gardeners. They were inventors and they wanted to… Continue reading


This is our first year growing Caraflex, or conehead as I call them, cabbages. They are a smaller cabbage than the Farao we usually grow and are supposed to be sweet and mild – perfect for summer. All the seed catalogues agree that this cabbage has good wrapper leaves for insect… Continue reading

How Time Flies!

The little boy in this picture, so eagerly helping build the compost heaps on a beautiful sunny day in January turns 21 tomorrow! You may recognize him (probably not, but try imagining that sweet little boy with a mohawk) as your delivery boy for many years. He delivered with me… Continue reading