Owl and the Pussycat

Our rooster “Owl” or “Owlie” looked so good in the sunshine today that I had to take a picture, I called him hoping he would turn and pose like he usually does but instead this happened and I will be quoting Edward Lear for the rest of the day. Continue reading

Corduroy Roads

I learned about corduroy roads when we researched Karl’s family tree and found out his great-great-grandfather, Lorenzo Dow Hill (Co. I, 25th Ohio Volunteer Infantry), was injured in the Civil War. His second injury was when a Minié ball struck him on the first day of fighting at Gettysburg. He… Continue reading

It’s Going to be Cold Tonight

We only have cold resistant starts in the greenhouse at this time of year, but even they prefer not to experience an arctic blast. We cover the trays inside, fill tubs with hot water and place those on the floor under the trays, then add polythene curtains to reduce the… Continue reading

It’s Potato Planting Time!

We are loving our new potato hiller. The previously back-breaking work of covering the potatoes by hand can now be done with a pass of the tractor. We will use the hiller again a couple of times during the growing season because more hilling up of the plants means more… Continue reading


This is the first year we have had bluebirds as year-round residents. Eastern Bluebirds are very helpful on the farm as they are predominantly bug eaters, but they do also eat fruits. We do not set out bird feeders, but we deliberately plant and cultivate fruiting trees and plants. The… Continue reading