Seeds Ordered Early This Year.

I decided to order our seed potatoes today. I don’t usually order this early, but something told me today was the day. In retrospect the day should have been about three weeks ago!

Our usual potato supplier – Ronnigers – merged with another farm and is offering fewer varieties than usual. Worse than that – they have already sold out of the best ones! It’s ok I can always buy organic seed potatoes from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. We buy lots of seed from them, we should be fine. Wrong. They too are sold out of the all blues, or the all reds, I forget which but really what good is a red, white and blue potato salad if one of the good colours is missing?

Moose Tubers! I love Fedco but had never ordered from their “tuber division” before. Thank goodness for Moose Tubers. They didn’t have the imaginatively named “All Reds” or the equally creative “All Blues” but they did have a completely red potato and a completely blue potato. I ordered Adirondack Blue, Adirondack Red (it sounded like they would go together well) and a white dutch potato called Bintje (which probably means “white with a brown skin” in Dutch).

But the title says seeds ordered, not seed potatoes ordered!
How observant you are. While flitting from catalog to catalog, webpage to webpage, I noticed they all had one thing in common. A lot of things were already sold out. I don’t know about you, but I want to buy what I want, not just whatever is left on the shelf somewhere, so it seemed like I should order everything now before the cold war style queues begin.

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