How to Choose a Farm Share

I just read a great article from the Cornucopia Institute entitled How to Choose a Farm Share, but I would have used How to Tell if a CSA is a CSA. The article isn’t about whether or not supporting a CSA would be a good fit for you, it assumes… Continue reading

Visiting the RoboBees

I spent yesterday evening with a wonderful group of people discussing, in great detail, the animals that like to eat our vegetables. It’s a discussion we have at home quite often, but my companions last evening were not farmers. They were not gardeners. They were inventors and they wanted to… Continue reading

Can’t Beet This!

I love beets. Absolutely love them. I get excited when I know I am going to have beets on my plate. The one thing I used to hate was cooking beets. I’m probably the last person on earth to find out about the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker, but it… Continue reading


We deliver to individual houses and apartment buildings and office buildings all over Washington DC. We also deliver to suburban Maryland with some restrictions: all of our deliveries are within the Washington Beltway OR along the 210 corridor. Deliveries are door-to-door for houses and door-to-desk or door-to-reception for condos and… Continue reading