Royal and the Big Hay Bale

We bought some huge round hay bales last week but the cows haven’t been very interested in eating them. People say you can feed cows a low quality hay, but ours are a little picky. We supplement with fresh vegetables from the farm and alfalfa and all sorts of treats,… Continue reading

Not everyone hates the dust!

While Karl and I moan about the crunchy grass and never-ending heat, Royal has found a great new way to entertain himself. While bulls do paw at the ground as a sign of aggression, that isn’t what he is doing here. He likes to decorate himself with greenery when the… Continue reading

Introducing Achilles and Kizzie

Today Tessie decided to give birth in the rain and mud and as far away from the barn Karl built for her as she could possibly get. Labor was as quick as Velvet’s last week – less than thirty minutes from waters breaking to calf on the ground. We bought… Continue reading

The Great Escape

Royal (bull) and Tessie (cow) are missing. We have been looking for more than 2 hours and can’t find any sign of them. It is too foggy to do a full search. Velvet is bellowing loudly – she hates to be alone. Hopefully they will be back safe and sound… Continue reading