Eat Like a Farmer

Recently I was shown an advertisement for a shopping service that included a statement that at first amused me but when I thought about it some more I became quite annoyed. The statement was “eat like a farmer” with the implication that this overly packaged and sanitized food product was as… Continue reading

Can’t Beet This!

I love beets. Absolutely love them. I get excited when I know I am going to have beets on my plate. The one thing I used to hate was cooking beets. I’m probably the last person on earth to find out about the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker, but it… Continue reading

Snow Peas

This heat might spell the end for the snow peas, so if you had a recipe you were thinking of making, but hadn’t got around to yet, these might just be the peas to use. Last night’s rain has smooshed a lot of the blossoms on the peas – on… Continue reading

Spring 2014 Planting List

Our planting list for Spring 2014 is: arugula, beets, butternut squash, cabbage (red and green), carrots, slicing cucumbers, d’avignon radishes, daikon, eggplant (Asian and Italian), Florence fennel, French sorrel, garlic, green beans, green meat radish, green onions, hon tsai tai, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce (various types), mesclun mix, mizuna, napa cabbage,… Continue reading

Happy 1st National Kale Day!

It’s wordless Wednesday, but the people over at National Kale Day have so many ideas and recipes and a mission to celebrate “kale’s incredible health benefits, highlights kale’s culinary versatility, and promotes eating, growing and sharing kale throughout America.” If you need help celebrating this wonderful vegetable, why not hop on… Continue reading