Today was woodpecker day in the front garden. We use dead logs to mark the edges of the “flower beds” – it has a certain rustic charm, helps us use up the deadfalls, and creates hiding places for the bugs and grubs – a food source for woodpeckers.

The male hairy woodpecker has a red mark on the back of his head, so this must be a female.

The yellow-shafted flicker is another bug eater who also eats fruits. The bluebirds weren’t here today, so the flickers took advantage of the sumac patch.

In this picture, you can just see the bright yellow underside of the tail.

I suppose it isn’t rude to turn your back when you have a red heart on the back of your head.

I’m always impressed when the pileated woodpeckers show up. They are large but very timid and would be almost impossible to spot if it weren’t for the bright red crest.

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