Spring 2014 Planting List

Our planting list for Spring 2014 is: arugula, beets, butternut squash, cabbage (red and green), carrots, slicing cucumbers, d’avignon radishes, daikon, eggplant (Asian and Italian), Florence fennel, French sorrel, garlic, green beans, green meat radish, green onions, hon tsai tai, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce (various types), mesclun mix, mizuna, napa cabbage,… Continue reading


One of my favourite tasks on the farm is candling and sorting the eggs. When I hold the bright light up against the eggs they glow like old fashioned Christmas lights. With the green eggs I can see the yellow of the yolk through the shell, on others it shows… Continue reading


2013 is our 10th year running our CSA. We started off very small with Karl still working off the farm, but in 2006 we went full time and haven’t looked back. 2013 shares are available now. If you sign up before January 1st we are guaranteeing you last year’s prices. After… Continue reading

2011 CSA Season Opener!

That’s right. The 2011 spring/summer share season (try saying that three times quickly) begins on Tuesday. If you are a subscriber for this season and have not received an email from me this week, please check your spam filters and spam folders. If you still do not see mail from… Continue reading

Needing Inspiration?

Today’s newsletter recipes were taken from this wonderful book and I recommend it to all CSA supporters and farmer’s market patrons. There are wonderful hints and tips about preparing and preserving all sorts of vegetables as well as short bios about various farms around the country. I wish I could… Continue reading