It’s Going to be Cold Tonight

We only have cold resistant starts in the greenhouse at this time of year, but even they prefer not to experience an arctic blast. We cover the trays inside, fill tubs with hot water and place those on the floor under the trays, then add polythene curtains to reduce the… Continue reading

Frost Warning

We’re expecting a heavy frost tonight. Rather than wait until late morning for the crops to thaw out, we began harvesting this evening. The fancy light system is a Coleman propane lantern on an upside down 5 gallon bucket – it throws light a lot further than you might imagine…. Continue reading

The Great Thaw

Great excitement at the farm today – the faucet and water hose unfroze and we were able to fill the water trough for the cows. Goodbye 5 gallon buckets, goodbye aching shoulders, goodbye, goodbye. Cows drink a lot. On a normal (ie. above freezing) day we stick the hose in… Continue reading