Greenhouse Progress

It is starting to look like a greenhouse. We are using old storm windows that we found on Craigslist. Hopefully it will be warm enough tomorrow to get the frames painted. We still need a few more windows, but will block in the spaces with plywood for now. We have… Continue reading

Seeds Ordered Early This Year.

I decided to order our seed potatoes today. I don’t usually order this early, but something told me today was the day. In retrospect the day should have been about three weeks ago! Our usual potato supplier – Ronnigers – merged with another farm and is offering fewer varieties than… Continue reading

Mum, Look What I Found!

Sometimes things grow that we didn’t plant. Sometimes your children come running in to ask what they have just touched. Sometimes that child is old enough to go back outside with a camera and document the event. Today was one of those times. Some of you may have seen one… Continue reading

The Great Escape

Royal (bull) and Tessie (cow) are missing. We have been looking for more than 2 hours and can’t find any sign of them. It is too foggy to do a full search. Velvet is bellowing loudly – she hates to be alone. Hopefully they will be back safe and sound… Continue reading